Chaya Kalcheim Group
Completion of neural crest cell production and emigration is regulated by retinoic-acid-dependent inhibition of BMP signaling
Rekler and Kalcheim (2022) eLife
Yonatan Kupchik Group
Cocaine induces input and cell-type-specific synaptic plasticity in ventral pallidum-projecting nucleus accumbens medium spiny neurons
Inbar et al. (2022) Neuropsychopharmacology
David Lichtstein Group
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Bufalin Derivatives
Sampath V, Horesh N, et al. (2022) IJMS


Upcoming departmental seminar: Dr. Jennifer Resnik from Ben-Gurion University, “Distinct forms of cortical plasticity underlie perceptual adaptations to changes in internal state and context”. 11.5 12:05

Department of Medical Neurobiology, IMRIC

The department of medical neurobiology at the Hebrew University is home to about twenty active research groups. Our research addresses various topics which include sensory processing, signal transduction, mechanisms of development, motor control, learning and memory, addiction, neuronal disorders and cognitive function. This is accomplished using various experimental approaches, spanning multiple levels of analysis and a wide range of model organisms including humans, mice, fish, birds, flies, nematodes, and even brain organoids. Although our name has changed over the decades, our commitment to understand the physiological mechanisms that govern the function of the nervous system and processes that give rise to its development has not. You are invited to read more about us, our research, and the teaching that we are involved in.

Our department includes a variety of research groups, covering various systems and levels of analysis. Enter here for individual lab pages.


A directory of the staff that support and enable our research and teachingץ

Our institute includes a complete set of neuroscience study programs for both undergraduate and graduate levels. See here for more information on the various study tracks that we are involved in.

Seminars, special events etc…

Here are a few pictures showing activities not directly related to research…

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